what is Buzzfeed’s most effective workout/diet plan?

Three things you should know about me:

  1. I’m an avid Buzzfeed Video consumer.
  2. I love experimenting with the latest trends on myself (see past posts on sleep cycles, minimalism, and virtual assistants among others)
  3. I’m an accounting student and number crunching is sort of my life.

Buzzfeed has been posting a lot of workout and weight-loss videos recently, and they always provide the participant’s body stats before and after the video. Usually, the participants will have lost weight and fat, but I always thought that idea was kind of a cop-out because if you take a sedentary person and put them on any sort of diet or exercise plan you’ll see results. Instead, I thought it’d be cool to compare some of the diet/workout plans from the different videos and see which one was the most effective.

The Workouts and Diets

We Lost 22% of Body Fast in 6 Weeks: personal training (each person has a personalized training and diet program). They’ll eat supplements and melatonin. Diet low in carbs.

90 Days of Working Out With P90X – LIFE/CHANGE: This one was simple – they jut followed P90X (didn’t follow the meal plan)

We Dieted Like Chris Pratt for 30 Days: Trainer used each man’s weight, body type, blood type, lipid profiling, stress level, and body fat to determine individualized plans for the guys. They ate the same thing every day for three weeks ( the fourth week was different – they got to have steak!), and they also did a regular workout routine (not really mentioned in the video).

Women Diet Like Kardashians for 30 Days: While each woman’s diet was highly individualized, the basis was: no gluten, no dairy, low carbs, lots of vegetables, and high protein. They also reduced caffeine, sugar, dairy, and alcohol intake.

The Numbers

Here’s my spreadsheet for reference:


The winners (bolded in the spreadsheet) are:

  • Male weight loss: We Lost 22% of Body Fat in 6 Weeks
  • Female weight loss: Women Diet Like Kardashians for 30 Days
  • Male and female body fat: We Lost 22% of Body Fat in 6 Weeks

Pretty sad that P90X didn’t make it into the top list at all. I guess there are two lessons here:

  1. Diet plans are way more effective than workout plans
  2. Individualized plans are the most effective.

Honourable mentions

These weren’t included because only one person did the plan and I thought that wasn’t enough data points, but they’re still interesting!

I Lost 40 lbs By Drinking Breakfast – Kane

Kane drank Soylent, ate fewer calories, then started working out.

I Tried a Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA – Daysha

Daysha sent a sample of her DNA to a lab and got someone from FitnessGenes to explain the results to her (what types of foods to avoid, what time in the day to work out to see results). They then worked out together for 30 days.


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