br’s: august

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

Before I started reading, I had already heard lots of murmurs about how it reads like fanfiction… and I’d have to agree. The logic behind timeflow isn’t consistent with Rowling’s original series at all, and all the characters were surprisingly flat (but maybe that’s because it was meant to be performed instead of just read).

I do have to say that Scorpius is just the gosh-darn cutest thing and reading any of the passages with him in it just made my day.


My Fight/ Your Fight, by Ronda Rousey and Maria Burns Ortiz

I’ve written about Rousey before… since that post (and the publishing of this novel) she’s been defeated and sat out of the competition for awhile. Everyone’s been anxiously waiting for her return, and we recently just found out that she won’t be back for UFC 205 in November.

You can tell that Rousey treats life like a long extended fight. There is always adversity to overcome, an enemy to defeat, an authority figure to prove wrong. Whenever she’s not crying, she’s pissed. Like the promo videos before her Octagon fights, it was entertaining, but unlike those videos, it wasn’t especially inspiring.


Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

I’ve instagrammed more than one quote from this book, so I’m clearly in love with it. I’m just a sucker for those “no regrets” and “stop and smell the roses” types of stories. It also appeals to the YA book monster living inside me.

I found out after finishing it that this is getting made into a movie (coming out 2017)! The book reminded me of Anna Akana and RWJ’s Riley Rewind, so I wonder if the movie will be like it as well (except extended, of course). Riley Rewind was awesome, so I hope it is.



In other news, I created a Wattpad account! Hopefully some short stories will be up soon.