perks of being a business student

I’d be the first to say I complain way too much. Lately, I’ve been trying to stay thankful for more things, and one of them is definitely my program. I ever had to pick a degree again, business would still be #1.

ONE: the things you learn are applicable to real life.

Doing taxes? Creating a investment portfolio? Understanding what in the world is happening with your paycheck every payday? Unlike other unfortunate young adults, you aren’t expected to figure these things out on your own. Over break one of my friends taking science confessed that she still didn’t understand what a stock was. After I got over my initial shock, I realized that it just shows how this information that we take for granted is completely alien to others. How many times will your knowledge of the scientific name of a particular complex carbohydrate come in handy in regular walking-down-the-streets life? Probably -2. How many times will you be applying your knowledge of finance? Probably every month, when you’re moaning over your credit card statement.

TWO: let’s face it, we have the biggest job market

I have not heard of many business students who end up being unemployed. In contrast, there are so many people from other programs who end up not getting into the career path they wanted and who then… surprise… get a business degree to increase their job prospects!

THREE: you get to dress fancy… a lot.

I guess this could be a pro and a con, depending on your level of laziness. But business = professional, and professional = getting to justify buying a new outfit every time you go out. You can safely get that blouse knowing there will definitely be an occasion in the near future where you can put it on!

FOUR: all the above for way less work.

Every time a see an engineer’s schedule, I shudder and weep a little bit for them. As a business student, you’re expected to spend a lot of your time socializing and networking instead of just studying – all in the name of building up those “people skills” which are so important in your future career.

FIVE: you need way less school

How many years of school does it take to become a doctor? 11+. What about a lawyer? 7-8. Pharmacist? Again, 8. Accountant? 4 years. The numbers don’t lie. (Although if you take business you know you can find a way to make them skirt the edge of lying…)

SIX: and if you’re the type that likes school… go ahead

Even if you end up deciding that one of the traditional business career paths isn’t for you, your degree will still be applicable to literally anything you want to try next. Like it or not, the world is being run by businesses, so if you want to run the world, speaking the business language is an important first step.

Looking back on why I chose this program in the first place, I can see that I already knew almost all of these reasons (except #4 – that was an added bonus). These are some pretty well-known nuggets of knowledge, but a lot of people looking in from the outside assume that at the end of posts like these there’s going to be some “but”. There actually isn’t. A business degree is pretty awesome, and I definitely don’t regret putting myself in the path of getting one.

I usually like to end these things with some pretty picture that can relate to the post but can also break up the wall of text which is this blog. Since business pictures are pretty boring, and National Ice Cream Day just passed (I ate way too much omg), I found one of three ice cream cones instead. You’re welcome.