br: when everything feels like the movies

I feel like my time management skills this term have improved a lot more. Or maybe it’s because coop slapped my sleeping schedule firmly into place, so I wake up at a decent hour now. I finally started reading again. Our school’s library has a neat little section of novels chosen by library staff. Last week, I picked one out for the first time. I was in a hurry so didn’t get the chance to go through many books, but this was the one I ended up going home with:

IMG_5591 - Copy (1)

When everything feels like the movies, by Raziel Reid

Here’s a picture of the jacket summary:

IMG_5592 - Copy (1)

Pretty cryptic, huh? You can’t tell from this that what it means is that Jude is flamboyantly gay.

Jude’s pov is very interesting. If I could put a concrete feeling into these words it’d be like a Marilyn Monroe documentary – a little wistful, a little ironic, and very delusional. There were several times where I screamed out loud and pleaded with the page not to go where I knew it was going (my poor roommates thought I’d seen a bug, which, admittedly, does arouse the same reaction). But nothing could have prepared me for those last few pages, where the story comes completely off its hinges.

This book was awesome. I need to look at recommended books more often instead of just sticking to the niche of ones I like. As an added bonus, I now cannot walk around without seeing everyone as an actor on set.