dear future me

Blogging 101 Day 4: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it

Dear Future Me,

How’s… whatever you’re up to? Hope you have time for a quick chat. Actually, even if you don’t have time, buckle down sister, you’re going to have to read through this now that you’ve seen it.

What ARE you up to? Are you still doing audit, or are you pursuing some other profession now? Wherever you are, I hope you’ve remembered not to let work take over your entire life. You’re someone that gets easily obsessed, but make sure you’re staying obsessed over the right, healthy things. If you ever lose your way, just remember this: corporations aren’t people.

Are you still reading books? Your brother just started on the Harry Potter and Divergent series. How is your brother? Is he still swimming?

Are you still doing Blogilates? Right now, you’re obsessed with her. You’re even considering becoming certified. Did that end up happening, or have you found some other form of fitness?

What are your current celebrity obsessions? Are Emily Blunt and John Krasinski still together? You’ve been obsessively watching their interviews for about a week now, and they still seem like the most adorable couple ever. I hope they’re still together by the time you’re reading this… don’t tell me if they’ve broken up (although I guess you can’t).

There are some things you’ve realized about yourself lately, and I thought I’d remind you about them in case you forget again:

Think before you speak. Remember that app, Episode, that you were so engrossed in you had to delete it after a month because it was taking over your life? You always put so much thought into every decision you made… you should be doing that in real life too. Think about the consequences of every action you make, everything you say… and for the love of god, stop pushing people away by telling them the worst things about yourself just because you’re afraid. You do not need to “initiate” every friend by revealing a bundle of crazy – if they need to know, they’ll find out at the right time.

It’s OK to be comfortable and not want to change. Being static is not a bad thing – when you feel yourself stalling, it’s not a sign to surge forward to fulfill people’s unmet expectations. I don’t know about you reading this now, but as I’m writing this, you still find yourself evaluating yourself after every single meeting, even if it’s just a gathering of friends. Stop it. You don’t need to be the “bubbly” friend, or the “mature” friend -being yourself is good enough. (Even if it isn’t, no one will tell you, and you can rest easy in blissful oblivion.)


Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re doing well. Stay strong, stay positive, stay happy. Muah.


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