WAAG Week 10


I’ve missed quite a few days of blogging just, but I’m determined to at least detail a little of my last days in Brazil (from last week), so here are some pictures with commentary:

The workers at the NGO made us a surprise dinner on our last day of work! (They also gave us framed certificates thanking us for our work, but unfortunately the cover was glass and mine didn’t survive the trip home 😦 ) There was a lot of hugging and laughing, and some tears :’)
Usually I stay up in the SMarketing room, but since it was my last day I came down to hang out with the kids. We taught them to dance Gagnam Style!
We did some arts and crafts with them afterwards to calm them down. I learned the names of the colours in Portuguese!
N took me out to eat Brazilian BBQ. People circulated with the meat on sticks and if you wanted some, they would cut a section off for you. Delicious!
A typical lunch at home with the family. Brazilians eat a lot for lunch and not for dinner.
Some snacks my host family bought for me for the flights home. I love them ❤
My home away from home

Since I’ve been back, things have actually been pretty hectic. I’ve been learning how to cook and Mom has been loading me with fashion tips (because apparently I have no sense of style). My accounting midterm is coming up in a few days, and most of all, I’ve been looking for a job. I’ve lost count of how many resumes I’ve submitted / given out by now… hopefully it all pays off soon and I get a job!


My mom and I were talking about childbirth and labour pain simulators for men because men would never be able to experience actual childbirth. My 11-year-old brother pops in with: “Yeah, I’m lucky I won’t ever have to have a baby. The worst thing about being a man is getting an erection.” I had to leave the room.

Other than that, I’d say that today’s been a fairly productive day. I had an interview with Bentley Leathers today, and the store manager really seemed to like me, so we’ve now scheduled my second interview with the district manager. I really hope I get the job because I definitely want some retail experience, and working at the mall just sounds really fun! (Plus, store discounts!!!!! I can buy all the totes my heart desires <3)


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