WAAG Week 9: Oops this was supposed to be posted last week


As I am leaving in a few days, I find it impossible to do anything but begin the long process of good-byes. Everywhere I walk, I feel nostalgic, so I’ve been taking random pictures to fill the void. I just want to suck everything in and remember it forever!

The intersection where I wait for the bus to go to work every day
The stairs I take to go up to the SMarketing office
A children’s drink called Pappa that the NGO sometimes serves to the volunteers. It’s delicious!
Sometimes we go to the mall to get food after work. Today I got chinese food because I’ve been missing home
Brazil’s version of Splenda… I thought it was vinegar when I first saw it
The coffee table in the mall where I often sit and chat with the other interns. So many deep life conversations have happened here!
My fellow interns at AGIR!

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