WAAG Week 7: Food and phallic art… just another week on the other side of the world.


So I got really lazy the past few days, but I’m back at it! Here are just a few pictures from the last week.

Let’s start off with the food. My host family is always making some sort of food that I’ve never seen before!

This is tapioca with a coconut spread (which you can’t see because it’s folded inside). I’m used to tapioca meaning those balls inside bubble tea, but this one is delicious too!
This chocolate pudding is called Brigadeiro. I actually made this with my host! All you do is mix chocolate powder with condensed milk and mix and heat until it turns solid 🙂 Yum!
Hehe I took a bite out of one of the dumplings before I remembered I should take a picture first. I have no idea what these are called, but they are some sort of sweet, crispy dumpling!

Last week we also had our Global Village, where all the interns got to show off their cultures.

Europe. (From left to right: Germany, Italy, France)
South Korea

We got to see what our friends had brought from their respective cultures, and university students learning English also came in to learn about our cultures.


There were quite a few Canadian interns, so I decided to help out at the Chinese table instead and explain my Chinese background. Some of the girls had studied calligraphy and were able to write the Chinese names of everyone that came to our table! One of the girls also knew Japanese, so she wrote me my name in Japanese!


It’s rare for me to see all the interns at once, so it was definitely a great bonding experience.

IMG_3747  IMG_3749

Yesterday, my host family took me to see the Francisco Brennand museum. Remember the Ricardo Brennand Institute that I saw during my first week here? Well, Francisco is Ricardo’s brother, and while his brother is a collector, he is an artist. Francisco is still alive, and he actually lives in the museum, so sometimes you can run into him on the grounds! I didn’t see him, but the grounds were beautiful nonetheless.

IMG_3753 IMG_3754 IMG_3755 IMG_3757   IMG_3760 IMG_3768 IMG_3769   IMG_3774 IMG_3776 IMG_3778  IMG_3781

Francisco ain’t subtle about his signing off on his work.
According to my hosts, most of Brennand’s sculptures have phallic meanings. (Remember the penis tower from a few weeks ago? That was his!!) See that seal-like creature between the two standing statues? That’s supposed to resemble a vagina.
Illuminati confirmed.
All I could think of when I saw this picture was “this looks like the mask they put on people in the electric chair.” #TooManyDeathRowVideos
I thought they were seals, but these are apparently supposed to depict vaginas. Brennand has a fetish, it seems. (Remember the penis tower from when I visited Recife Antigo for the first time? That was made by him too!)
Oh. The one picture I took today. Here’s a churro I bought from the side of the street. THE CHURROS HAVE FILLING HERE


Sometimes I think I should write in an actual diary instead of posting thoughts here, because then I wouldn’t have to edit my commentary. But then again, a lot of the drama that seems really interesting at the moment probably has less value a few years down the line, so maybe it’s better if it’s left off the record. Let’s just say that as the interns get to know each other a little better, all sorts of interesting interactions begin to develop.


One of the interns had her birthday yesterday, so a bunch of us went out after work to a bar/pub to celebrate.

My meal. I told the other interns that drinking out of a beer mug made me feel really macho, but they just laughed at me 😥
Since the birthday girl was late, N* and I went out to a coffee shop to buy her a slice of cake. The people there were really nice and also managed to find a candle for us!
When the pub people saw us carry a cake back, they thought we were celebrating the birthday of one of us already sitting at the table, so they gifted us with this ice cream sundae. We had to ask them to put it in the freezer because the birthday girl had not yet arrived.

It was a very long, fun, and hilariously boisterous meal. Since it was late by the time we were finished, I decided to get a cab home. I had read that Brazilian taxi drivers will usually try to get more money by taking the longer route, so I kept my GPS on the entire time. Luckily, my driver was pretty trustworthy and took an efficient route!

Take a Brazilian taxi CHECK

Today the bus system had a strike, so none of the busses ran. I didn’t mind too much because I needed to stay inside to catch up on work anyways, but some of the other interns were planning on going to the beach, so that muddled their plans up a little bit.

One of my host family’s friend is an engineer at a chocolate company, so when she visited she left a bunch of chocolate. They gave me a small bag, which I was going to save to take back home, but so far I’ve already eaten three :’D let’s hope I can restrain myself enough to leave a few pieces for my family!



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