WAAG Week 3: Weekends in Toronto Are the Best Weekends


It’s been hard to blog because living at home means living with Mom’s “get your butt into bed before 10pm” rule. But there’s not that much to talk about anyways, because all of my time has been spent at home either doing something to get ready for Brazil or on Youtube. Youtube Fanfest is happening in Toronto on Saturday, but I’m not sure if I’ll go yet, because the UWAC conference is also that day. But… this could be my only chance to see Jeffreyfever in person… and if I don’t see him in person how will he ever know I exist… and if he doesn’t know I exist how could we ever get married and live out my fantasies… *inner turmoil*

We went out biking as a family today (forgot how pretty the Ottawa river was… haven’t been there since my high school cross country days), and I realized how much of a girl I really am. Saw’s N’s mom on the way… she seemed pretty lonely since she had gone off to Europe without her. Resolved to be a good daughter and also be more active. (I started running again this week! Go me.)


No time to write. But here are some pretty panoramas I took on a bike ride with Mom today.






UWAC was busy, and I didn’t have Wifi in my room so I haven’t really kept up blogging. But these past few days have been crazy fun, so I’ve got to record at least some of it!

First of all, the conference was pretty awesome – I got to meet some great people, including students from other business schools, some upper years and working professionals. Who says accounting conferences can’t be fun?

You know you’re cool when they give you accountant trading cards at conferences…

Since I was in downtown Toronto, I had to sneak out and go to Youtube Fanfest. The original plan had been to skip dinner and go to the actual show, but I ended up skipping part of the networking session to go for the Red Carpet event.

Dundas Square when I first got there… (still in my conference business clothes)

My one mission was to meet JeffreyFever. In my head, it seemed so easy – just show up, walk up to him, talk to him, charm him with my wit, marry him, and trot off into the sunset. Well, maybe just the first three things, but I never imagined that I would have trouble locating the guy. After all, he wasn’t yet as mainstream as some of the other talent that was there, like Jenna Marbles or Superwoman, so this should be relatively easy right?

WRONG. Even though the show wasn’t set to begin for a few hours, the square was already jam-packed with people. I couldn’t even get close to the red carpet.

I went on my tiptoes and reached my arms up to snap this photo… and the most you can see is still the screen where they’re projecting the red carpet interviews. FML

The crowd was anxious and sweaty, and I quickly realized that I had practically no chance of locating JeffreyFever in the throng. Instead, E and I walked around the stage in the hopes of finding another entrance. Some other fans apparently had the same idea, because they were clustered around busses, parks and the back entrance with their cameras, all hoping to catch a glimpse of an elusive Youtuber. By this point, I was pretty discouraged, and E and I agreed that once we completed our circle of Dundas Square we’d just leave and go get some Bubble tea to quell the disappointment.

AND THEN I SAW HIM. As we rounded the corner, he came strolling down a ramp, phone in hand. My brain immediately shut down, and I just slowly walked towards him, zombie-fied, openly staring with my mouth open. When he saw me he put his phone down and greeted me. There was some light chitchat (apparently his sister is also an accountant?), with a lot of OMGs from my end.

Isn’t he perfect? Yes. Yes he is.

My complete lack of sanity (and his dazzling presence I’m sure) quickly attracted more fans so I left, my life completely changed. Even though I missed a good hour of networking for this, it was so worth it. When else would I ever have a chance to see this guy again?!

After UWAC ended, some friends and I went to play Trapped! the escape game in Toronto. We did a lot better than I thought we would, and actually escaped in time. After some bubble tea (I literally drank bubble tea every day I was at this conference), we headed back to the hotel. It turns out that the skating rink for the Pan Am Games was right outside our hotel so I took a picture.

No ice yet. And awks my bag got caught in the picture

The conference ended today, and I went to visit Aunt S and met my cousins. I haven’t seen them in years, so it was great catching up.

Visiting Toronto is definitely never dull… I could never have predicted how much I’d enjoy this weekend. But summer’s not over yet – heading to Brazil tomorrow. More adventures await!


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