WAAG Week 2: Back in Ottawa


Had resolved to start off the day with a good book, but forgot that I didn’t have anything to read (can’t wait for that Kobo mini to come!), so ended up just staying in bed for an hour surfing my phone. A came back from swimming and thought I was depressed… nope, just lazy.

At 12:30 we had our STATS exam – I missed an easy three mark question, but other than that I think it went decently. Packing was the main focus of today – I was at it for three hours. Since L’s birthday is in May but she’ll be in HK then, we went out for hotpot. Stress levels had been high today, but food helps solve everything!


Writing in an almost empty room with all my belongings piled on the floor, I’m already feeling nostalgic. These past two terms at Waterloo went by in a flash: I met some really awesome friends, and have learned and grown so much. But now it’s all over and first year is over and all the feels I just can’t takekjdlfjel;ajdlkfjadklf;jsad;


Forgot to blog again yesterday. Wasn’t much to it though – spent most of the day traveling back to Ottawa. Now all my stuff is at Dad’s and I’m living out of my suitcase again – yippee!

I’ve been too busy to get on the computer today, but looking back on it, I haven’t done much at all. I drove my grandparents to get their blood tested today, then spend most of the rest of the day cleaning out my old room with Mom because a renter will be moving in there in a few days. Then we took J to swim practice and came to the other house. Through it all, Mom and I had an intense discussion about Brazil and whether or not I should actually go… things seem to be pointing to a yes for now but we’re going to wait until the interview results come out on Friday.


I chilled at home for all of yesterday, but somehow still forgot to blog. Not that there would have been anything to say – I pretty much just sat around on the Internet munching on chocolate.

Went for a check-up today and talked to my physician about my back. She sent me to go get an X-ray, so I did that as well – results are supposed to come out in three to four business days. Hopefully they aren’t too bad!

Oh, and I called the company today – they said I didn’t get chosen for the summer internship position 😦 Oh well, what could I have expected? At least Brazil’s an absolute go now.

Spent most of the rest of the day cleaning out my old room. The renter is coming in a few days and I still have so much junk in there to clean out. I found a bunch of my old yearbooks when I went through the closet, and had fun Snapchatting friends their quotes from years ago.


Had a dentist appointment today. I was also supposed to be in a group chat with everyone I’m going on the Brazil exchange with, but somehow I got the time wrong and ended up missing the chat. What’s doubly worse is that the time slot they ended up picking included me and excluded one of the other girls rather than the other way around… so I let down that girl as well as the rest of the group. What a shitty start…

While the Brazil call was happening, I was also on call, but with my AIESEC EB. It’s our EB retreat weekend, but since I’m stuck in Ottawa, I video called into the retreat. Thank god for technology saving me that 4-hour drive!

J had 1/2 of his swim meet today, so he and mom came back feeling in the fitness mood. They taught Dad and I some exercises that they commonly did, and I got chided for being unfit as usual. Maybe I’ll go out for a run tomorrow… haha. Big maybe.


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