Introducting WAAG

I like to get deep thoughts when I’m on long bus rides by myself. Since I haven’t had one of those in awhile (read: I haven’t left campus in almost a month), there hasn’t been too much soul-searching going on. But I went to visit Dad yesterday, and the resulting long bus ride (twice as long as it should have been because I rode the bus in the wrong direction… *shakes head at own idiocy*) led to some thoughts, the most prominent of which was

I need to write more. A lot more.

Writing’s always been the thing that I want to do more of, but never get around to. Sitting down to write that next chapter of the novel always makes me feel as if I need a solid chunk of time – which I don’t usually have.

And that’s why I decided to start a new personal initiative: WAAG, Week At A Glance. It’s inspired by Michelle Phan’s My Week in Photos series, only I’m aiming for all text. These will be posted on this blog every Sunday at 11:59pm. If this doesn’t improve my writing skills, hopefully it will at least help me keep from deteriorating into total literary nonsense.


I had breakfast with Dad, then got dropped off for an interview for a possible summer internship. Aside from asking the interviewer if she was Spanish and then getting informed that she was Russian (awkward to say the least), I think it went OK – however, I am definitely not as qualified as some of the candidates so I probably won’t get the job. Coincidentally, I also checked in at the same time as some auditors from PwC. They received a lukewarm welcome at best… but this may have been because they decided to show up 15 minutes before their self-imposed deadline of ‘an hour before the scheduled appointment’. The person who had most of the information they needed was still in a meeting and not even present on site.

After the interview, I headed back to Waterloo, where I watched Bro’Laska videos (I don’t know why I find them so entertaining, but I do. The brothers and Gigi Gorgeous basically make up my Youtube study playlist right now) while studying for my finance exam tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well!


The exam did not go as expected. A lot of the material had not been covered in our class, so I was unprepared for the inslaught of theory questions. Luckily it was open book, so I managed to CTRL-FIND most of the information before time was up. Everyone was complaining about the exam after it finished, so in a sense group unity at failing helped improve my mood. The consensus is that our marks will be bell-curved – hoping this is true, because my Finance mark definitely needs it.


Spent most of today studying for STATS. The process was pretty depressing because I just kept uncovering more material that I didn’t know about. There’s a prep session hosted by AFSA education tomorrow, but I’m still not sure if I want to go to that to help clear things up or just spend the time studying by myself.

We also had our AIESEC Finance social today – T was sick and couldn’t come, so since it was just three of us we scrapped the sushi idea and decided on Korean food instead. We went to Nuri Village in the Plaza – it was my first time there, and the place was so packed we had to wait outside for a few minutes before they could seat us. Food was great, service was fast, and the price was reasonable too! I’ll definitely be coming here again.

New Youtuber discovered today: LeendaDProductions. I guess “discovered” isn’t really the right word because I’ve seen some of her videos before, but today’s when I actually got interested in her channel and binge-watched most of her videos. From what I can gather, she is a recent UBC grad, and, suffering from a difficult break-up, decided to escape Vancouver and travel to LA for a while. She’s already become really good friends with some well-known Youtubers – WongFuProductions, Gina Darling, and FuMusic. Her stuff is funny and she seems relatable, so I subscribed!


Oops, forgot to blog yesterday, so I’ll do a quick summary of that. I started off the morning with my weekly Skype call with C (although sometimes it ends up being an almost monthly occurrence) – so excited to be done with finals and go back to see her and the rest of the Ottawa gang! After that, I went to buy shampoo (the approaching summer is making my hair greasier than the back of an Asian restaurant, so I’m going through bottles of shampoo like crazy) from our school’s local pharmacy… but it turns out they were closed on weekends. 😦 Since we were already outside residence, and it was such a nice day, A and I spent the rest of the day studying outside. That night, I went out for dinner at Sugar Marmalade; finally got the pancake roll – heaven in my mouth ❤ When I got back, A and I hadn’t gotten to talking for a few minutes before we had some guests. There had been a birthday party that night, and L was drunk for the first time in her life. After an hour and a half of her talking, giggling, randomly breaking into sobs, and running out of the building, she was finally coaxed upstairs by E. I’ve retained a lengthy incriminating video that could prove useful later on.

Today, I woke up bright and early to go mark some AFM 101 exams. I can’t say I care too much for marking – five and a half hours of correcting the same three questions over and over again in front of the watchful eye of the instructor isn’t fun. The one thing I did take away from the session is how easy it is to lose marks on exams – I had to give away more 0s than Bill Gates has in his bank account, sometimes even if the student had filled the entire page with a response.

Somehow nothing got done once I got home, and I’m not only unprepared for my STATS exam tomorrow (which is worth 60% by the way… should I ready the gun to my head now?) but am also currently sitting in the middle of a sea of unpacked clothes, school supplies and other miscellaneous items I have to pack up by Tuesday morning. On the bright side, we were finally able to sell our fridge! One less thing to worry about.


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